The Professional Way To Sell My Porsche 911

Selling a car like a Porsche 911 is no easy feat. It requires expertise, discretion, and an understanding of the market to ensure you get the highest possible return for your automobile. Before going through the selling process, it’s essential to assess the car’s condition, carefully research its value and familiarize yourself with how much it should cost in today’s market.

Porsche 911s are one of the most prized collector’s items, and with good reason, these cars have an excellent track record for performance and reliability. They’ve been carefully crafted to provide optimal driving experience, and they’re still competitively powerful years after their introduction.

Exotic Auto offers a professional and reliable service for selling Porsche car. Their team of experts has years of experience in the automotive industry. They will work alongside you to ensure that your car is marketed effectively to reach buyers genuinely interested in your automobile.

What’s My Porsche 911 Value(worth) Today?

The value of a Porsche 911 can vary greatly depending on its condition and the current market. According to estimates values, a Porsche 911 in excellent condition can be worth anywhere from $80,000 to $150,000. While it may be easier to establish an exact price by consulting experts in the automotive industry, several factors can influence the value of your Porsche 911, including its age, mileage, and condition. To get an accurate assessment of your car’s worth, it may be helpful to contact a professional appraiser or automotive dealer for guidance.

We recommend turning to Exotic Auto to sell my Porsche 911 quickly and for a reasonable price. With many years of experience in the automotive industry and a reputation for professionalism, they are well-positioned to help you get top dollar for your car.

Different Porsche 911 Models

There are many different models of the Porsche 911 to choose from, including the Carrera and the newer 996 Turbo S. Some other popular options include the 911 GT2 and the Targa 4. No matter which model you’re interested in, you can trust that Exotic Auto has the expertise and experience to help you sell the best possible price for your car.

911 Carrera & Targa Models

The Carrera and Targa Porsche models are great options if you have a Porsche 911. These cars have been carefully crafted as optimal driving high performance sports cars and feature a variety of safety and convenience amenities. Whether interested in selling a used Porsche or a new model, you can count on Exotic Auto to help Porsche owners sell the perfect car.

If you’re ready to start selling your Porsche 911, we buy all 911 Carrera car models, including:

  • 911 Carrera
  • 911 Carrera 4
  • 911 Targa S
  • 911 Carrera T
  • 911 Carrera Cabriolet
  • 911 Carrera S
  • 911 Targa 4 GTS

911 Turbo Models

Looking for a powerful and high-performance car selling that’s sure to turn heads? The Porsche 911 Turbo offers an impressive lineup of exciting performance features. From its turbocharged engine and refined interior to its high-tech safety and convenience technologies, the 911 Turbo is a testament to German engineering at its finest. Whether you want to sell your used or new model, Exotic Auto is the perfect buyer for your car.

Some of the 911 Turbo models we buy and sell include:

  • 911 Turbo S
  • 911 Turbo Cabriolet
  • 911 Turbo S Cabriolet

911 GT3 Models

For a unique combination of speed and power, the Porsche 911 GT3 is an excellent choice. This car has impressive performance features that make it an exhilarating driving experience, including its high-revving engine and precisely tuned suspension. If you’re ready to sell your used or new model, we invite you to get in touch with Exotic Auto to learn more about our buying process.

Some of the 911 GT3 models we buy and sell include:

  • 911 GT3
  • 911 GT3 RS

911 Speedster

Looking to sell an exclusive sports car? The Porsche 911 Speedster combines the timeless beauty of the Porsche 911 with an impressive performance engine. It has all features you want in a car, including superior styling, responsive handling, and advanced safety technologies. While these cars are rare, you can count on Exotic Auto buyers interested in this unique model.

911 Dakar Rally

For those looking to sell a truly one-of-a-kind sports car, the Porsche 911 Dakar Rally is an impressive option. This model is exclusively handcrafted by Weissach and features outstanding performance specs, making it a highly sought-after choice for collectors and driving enthusiasts. If you’re passionate about your car and want top dollar, we invite you to contact Exotic Auto today.

Some of the 911 Dakar Rally models we buy and sell include:

  • 911 Dakar Rally Carrera S
  • 911 Dakar Rally Targa 4S

Unique Features Of Porsche 911

Many unique features make the Porsche 911 stand out from other sports cars. These performance-oriented vehicles combine powerful engines and high-tech safety technologies for a driving experience like no other. In addition, each model offers unique styles and design elements to help you make a statement behind the wheel.

  • Interior, Comfort, and Cargo – The Porsche 911 features a spacious and comfortable interior with a wide range of amenities to make every drive enjoyable. These include heated seats, premium sound systems, USB ports, and more. In addition, the 911 offers ample cargo space for your daily essentials.
  • Infotainment and Connectivity – With its cutting-edge technologies and intuitive interfaces, the Porsche 911 offers an impressive range of infotainment features. In addition to high-quality music streaming and radio options, it also features a suite of apps that you can download directly from your phone to access with voice commands.
  • Safety – The Porsche 911 is built with advanced safety features to help you stay protected on the road. This includes a full suite of airbags, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking systems that help prevent or reduce the severity of collisions.
  • Warranty and Maintenance Coverage – Each 911 model has a full warranty and maintenance coverage to help protect your investment. With Porsche, you can enjoy knowing that your car is fully covered for repairs and routine service.

Porsche 911 Specifications

Note down the specifications of your Porsche 911 model for sale.

Porsche 911 models combine advanced performance technologies with elegant style and powerful engines for an exhilaration-inducing driving experience.

  • Engine – The Porsche 911 features a range of powerful performance engines, including 3.0L and 3.4L 6-cylinder turbo engines for high speeds and exceptional power output.
  • Powertrain – In addition to powerful engines, the Porsche 911 has 473 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 420 lb-ft of torque at 2300 rpm to help you take control of the road.
  • Transmission – The Porsche 911 is available with an 8-speed manual or optional dual-clutch automatic transmission. An innovative PDK dual-clutch transmission offers quick gear shifting and smooth acceleration regardless of driving conditions.
  • Car Type – The 911 is a two-door sports car available as a hardtop coupe or convertible, with rear-wheel drive and manual/automatic transmission options.
  • Weights – Depending on the model and options chosen, the Porsche 911 weight ranges from 3,100 to 3,500 lbs. depending on body style and engine choice.
  • Fuel Efficiency/Range – The Porsche 911 delivers excellent fuel efficiency up to 18mpg and 25mpg.
  • Dimension and Dimensions – The Porsche 911 is a compact car with 178.5 inches in length, 72.9 inches in width, and 50.9 inches in height for coupe models and 177.4 x 66.5 x 50.9 inches for cabriolet models.

Is Porsche 911 The Most Reliable Car?

The Porsche 911 continues to be the model with the best ownership experience, according to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS). The study evaluated vehicles across 33 brands, including the Porsche 911, and rated it the most reliable. With its cutting-edge technologies, intuitive interfaces, powerful performance, and elegant style, the 911 is a great choice for drivers who value performance and reliability. However, while the Porsche 911 is an excellent car in terms of quality and dependability, other models on the market are also worth considering. These include the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the BMW 3-Series, and the Audi A4. Ultimately, the best car for you will rely on your specific needs and preferences.

Process Of Selling Porsche 911 

Selling a Porsche 911 through exotic auto is the perfect way to get top dollar for your beloved vehicle. At Exotic Auto, you can relax that your car will be taken care of and handled with the utmost care. With customizable services such as home viewings and free appraisals, the process is designed to be straightforward and intuitive.

Tell Us About Your Porsche 911

Let us know your Porsche 911 information, features, specifications, and the like. One of our representatives will help you consign your vehicle and prepare it for sale.

Receive A Guaranteed Offer

Once we receive your info, our Exotic Auto team members will contact you with an offer for a free consultation. We’ll discuss the specifics of your Porsche 911, such as its engine size, powertrain, transmission type, body type, and weight. We’ll also review any additional features or specifications that make your vehicle unique.

During the consultation, we’ll work with you to develop a customized sales plan and help you get your Porsche 911 ready for sale. We guarantee you’ll receive top dollar for your vehicle if you accept our offer.

Offer Is Accepted

Once both parties agree on the cash offer, we will begin processing all necessary documents. Our team of experienced auto professionals at Exotic Auto will review and verify all pertinent information on your Porsche 911. This includes validating engine size, powertrain, transmission type, body type, weights, fuel efficiency/range, and dimensions.

Once all documents are processed, we will finalize the sale of your Porsche 911 and send you a guaranteed payment for your car. We take pride in delivering top dollar for luxury cars like yours, making us the best choice for selling your Porsche 911.

Exotic Auto Makes Selling Your Car Much Easier!

Exotic Auto is the best choice if you’re looking for a simple, fast, and hassle-free way to sell your Porsche 911. Our experienced auto specialists will guide you through every step of the consignment process, from free appraisals to home viewings and guaranteed payments. With our easy-to-use online platform, you’ll be able to sell your vehicle at the touch of a button.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Exotic Auto to sell my Porsche today, and let’s get started!


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