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Are you looking to sell your McLaren 600LT supercar but need help figuring out how? Selling an exotic car such as a McLaren presents its own set of hurdles, but with the proper steps, it can be done quickly and without worry. At Exotic Auto, we know what is required to get top dollar on your car’s sale and ensure that every step of the process is safe and hassle-free.

How Much Is My Mclaren 600LT Worth?

The McLaren 600LT is a highly sought-after vehicle. Its value has been driven up by its rarity and incredible performance capabilities. Customers choose two body types for the 600LT: coupe ($242,500) or Spider ($256,500). Standard features include forged alloy wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes, a performance exhaust system, and a limited-slip differential. Drivers can also choose from various custom upgrades and interior treatments, including an optional track-focused suspension system.

Of course, the final sale price will depend on factors such as mileage, condition, any modifications made to the vehicle, and extra options taken. For those interested in selling their McLaren 600LT, an excellent place to start is by calculating the monthly cost and value of the car. According to CarGurus estimation, with a 7.09% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) over 60 months, with no down payment, trade-in value, or sales tax due, the total vehicle price you’ll get is $239,996. At the same time, Edmunds records the estimated values for the 2020 McLaren 600LT Spider based on 12,000 miles driven per year, at a range of $180,000 to $200,000, excluding the color and extra options.

What Are The Different Variants Of Mclaren 600LT & Their Specifications?

The Mclaren 600LT is known in two variants and is a Sports Car built in England. It uses Premium Unleaded Petrol fuel. Very quickly after, a convertible version of what is most certainly the finest supercar ever produced became available. The vehicle is appropriately referred to as the Mclaren 600LT Spider in keeping with tradition.

Specifications Of Mclaren 600LT Base Model (2018 – 2021)

The 600LT has an aerodynamic 2-seater coupe body approximately 3 inches long, has a minor power increase, is lighter (2,749 lbs dry weight), and has other performance improvements. Although some of these modifications may seem simple, they all add together to make the 600LT a unique vehicle.

High-Performing Vehicle

The McLaren 600LT performance is an impressive feat of engineering, a true marvel to behold. With a maximum speed of 328kph (204mph), this car can hit 0-100kph (62mph) in as little as 2.9 seconds and 0-200kph (124mph) in 8.2 seconds, a feat that many only dreams about. Furthermore, the power generated from the 600PS (592bhp) and 620Nm (457lbft) torque mean this vehicle can push itself outside the boundaries of what is expected of its class. From the open road roar to the tight corner maneuvering, you will enjoy more than just your morning commute when driving in this awe-inspiring machine.

Fuel Efficient V8

The Mclaren 600LT is a high-performance vehicle offering unique capabilities with its 3.8L V8 engine and twin turbochargers boosted by a dry sump oil management system. This state-of-the-art technology provides its exciting power potential and remarkable fuel efficiency of 15.2 liters per 100 km L/100km.

Engineered With Precision And Beauty In Mind

The McLaren 600LT interior is as carefully designed as the exterior. The cabin is ergonomic and comfortable, with lightweight materials such as carbon fiber extensively used to ensure safety and comfort for both driver and passenger alike. All controls are intuitively positioned to allow drivers to focus on what’s important – the road ahead.

Mclaren 600LT Spider (2019 – 2021)

The 2019 McLaren 600LT Spider is only the coupe’s convertible variant. It is nothing more or less precisely what makes it so remarkable. Any automaker will confirm that this is an intricately challenging task to complete.

The Efficient Twin Turbo Engine

The McLaren 600LT Spider is equipped with the power of a twin-turbo 3.8L V8 engine, providing a staggering 600PS (592bhp) and 620Nm (457lbft) of torque. This impressive setup is boosted by two twin turbochargers and a dry sump oil management system. The vast engine capacity of 3,799cc allows for optimal fuel efficiency of 15.2 liters per 100 km L/100km, making the 600LT one of the most efficient supercars in its class. This high-performance vehicle is a marvel on the open road or negotiating tight corners.

CO2 Emission

Though the car is impressive in its performance, it still emits significant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, as the European Union’s New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) reported. According to this testing procedure, the 600LT produces about 264 g/km of CO2, making it one of the most carbon-intensive vehicles in its class. While many environmental concerns are associated with supercars like the 600LT, some experts argue that their high-performance capabilities are worth the tradeoff.

Safest 4-wheel ABS Sporty

The Mclaren 600LT Spider (2019 – 2021) offers an impressive array of safety features, delivering peace of mind when behind the wheel. The vehicle’s brakes provide 4-wheel ABS, with a 100-0kph (62-0mph) time of 32M (105ft) and a 200-0kph (124-0mph) time of 121M (397ft), as well as emergency braking assist for extra assurance. Dual front side-mounted airbags, backup camera, stability and traction control, and tire pressure monitoring also come standard, along with dusk-sensing headlamps, self-leveling headlights, two front headrests, and a remote anti-theft alarm system with engine immobilizer for added security.

Features That Make Mclaren 600LT Stand Out?

Before focusing on the Spider variant, a similarly equipped vehicle with the advantage of a retractable roof, McLaren produced the Coupe version for roughly a year. The 600LT has the following coolest attributes, making it a standout performance.

Ignition Cut

It describes a brief interruption in the gasoline flow during gear changes that causes the vehicle to shift into gear more quickly.

Top Exhaust

This top exhaust design enhances the art of flame-spitting while improving the vehicle’s aerodynamics because it doesn’t interfere with the rear diffuser design.

The Powerplant

For the 600LT, the 3.8-liter V8 pumps out 592 hp and 457 pound-feet of torque and goes up from 562 hp and 443 pound-feet for the 570S.

Inertia Push

This technology was directly adapted from the McLaren 675LT, the 600LT’s predecessor. Although it doesn’t resemble Ferrari’s KERS technology, the idea is the same. The supercar may gather kinetic energy from the flywheel with the aid of Inertia Push.

Active Dynamics Panel

Without the Active Dynamics Panel system, it isn’t easy to picture a McLaren supercar. It serves as the foundation of the driving experience provided by the British automaker and aids in allowing the driver to modify the vehicle’s handling and drivetrain.

How Can I Sell My Mclaren 600LT?

If you’re considering selling your 600LT Spider, first consider having a comprehensive and authentic report from carfax, Edmunds, or CarGurus. According to carfax, the 2020 McLaren 600LT was last serviced on 12/05/22 at 17,967 miles. No accidents or collisions were reported.

There are several options available to you. You could sell it privately online or through classified ads or list it on a used car marketplace. Another option is to contact a dealership. The dealerships are often willing to pay top dollar for used supercars like the 600LT, as they can sell them at a premium to loyal customers; however, if you choose to sell your 600LT, research and get multiple estimates before moving forward with any sale.

Exotic Auto- Easy process

With our dealership, the procedure is simple. The benefits of choosing us for your McLaren selling are:


Research the market value of your 600LT by comparing the features and condition with similar vehicles listed on used car marketplaces or classifieds websites.

Information Regarding Car

Contact reputable dealers like Exotic Auto to schedule a consultation and appraise your vehicle. Make sure to have any maintenance records, vehicle history reports, and documentation for your car to help the dealer assess its value. Information about the car shall be included, such as the make, model, year, trim level, mileage, etc. If your car has been rated by carfax and you got the clearance report from them, it will increase your value.

A Regularly serviced vehicle per the manufacturer’s specifications and kept in excellent condition, with under 5,000 miles on the odometer of sale, is more appealing to potential buyers.

Contact Info

Provide your information, such as contact details and vehicle VIN, to the dealership so that they can prepare a detailed offer for you to review.

Clear Financial matters

Consider any additional fees or costs that may be associated with selling your car at a dealership, such as sales tax and dealer commission. You can also get financial help and assistance from our knowledgeable team.

Get The Best Price

Once you have accepted the offer, schedule a time to drop off your vehicle at the dealership so that they can begin listing it for sale and help you finalize all necessary paperwork. Congratulations on selling your McLaren 600LT!

Selling Your Car Is Way More Simple With Exotic Auto!

Our hassle-free approach makes selling your McLaren easy: Reach out to Exotic Auto and get the ball rolling today. Our knowledgeable team is always on hand, happy to respond to any questions or queries you may have about making a sale. So get in touch now – and amaze yourself with our services. We’d love to hear from you!


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