Sell My McLaren 720: How To Make The Most Money?

Selling a luxury car like the McLaren 720S can be a tough job, especially if you want to maximize your profit. Whether you’re selling your McLaren 720S to upgrade to purchase a newer model or to free up some cash, it’s essential to know how to sell it effectively. With the right processes and preparation, you can sell your McLaren quickly and at a better price.

Determine The Value Of Your McLaren 720

The first step in maximizing your profit when selling your McLaren 720 is to determine its value and fair price. There are a few different methods to do this:

Check Online Listings

Look up similar McLaren 720 models on websites like Autotrader,, and Edmunds to get an idea of their asking prices. It is important to remember that the prices of similar models listed online are just a reference point. Depending on the condition, mileage, and other factors of the new car, you can get more or less for your McLaren 720S. For instance, if the car has low mileage and is in pristine condition, buyers may be willing to pay significantly more than the listed asking price.

Have The Car Inspected By An Expert

It is wise to have an expert inspect your McLaren 720S to determine its condition and true value. A professional can tell you if there are any repairs that need to be made and provide an estimated market value for the car. This will help you set a fair and realistic asking price when you start to advertise.

Use A Valuation Tool

Using online valuation tools like Kelley Blue Book and NADA is an excellent way to determine the value of your McLaren 720S. These tools provide an estimated market value based on specific factors, such as the car’s year, make, model, and condition. By using these tools, you have access to industry-standard data that will give you a better understanding of what your car is worth.

Get An Accurate Appraisal

If you want a more accurate value for your McLaren brand, you can take it to an experienced appraiser who specializes in high-end cars. Such professionals have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to luxury vehicles, allowing them to provide the most accurate estimate of your car’s worth right price. An appraiser will use various methods, such as inspecting the car and taking into account its condition and features, in order to come up with an appropriate market value.

Prepare Your McLaren 720 For Sale

Once you have decided on the value of your McLaren 720, the next step is to prepare it for sale. Here are some recommendations to help you get your car in the best possible condition for potential buyers:

Clean And Detail Your Car

Giving your McLaren 720 a thorough cleaning inside and out is an essential step in preparing it for sale. Vacuum the interior and use a high-quality leather cleaner to clean any dirt or smudges off of the seats. Clean the exterior of your car with mild soap and wax, and use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away dust and dirt.

Fix Any Issues

If there are any mechanical or cosmetic issues with your McLaren 720, it’s a good idea to fix them before putting it up for sale. This includes replacing any worn-out tires and checking all the lights, brakes, and other safety features of the car. It is also essential to repair any dents, scratches, or other cosmetic damage that may be present on the vehicle. Taking care of these small issues will help make your car look more attractive to buyers.

Gather Paperwork

Having all the paperwork for your McLaren 720 is essential when selling your car. Not only does it provide potential buyers with confidence in the car’s history and evidence of proper maintenance, but it also helps to streamline the sales process. This includes having the title, registration, service records, owner’s manual, and any other relevant documents ready to show potential buyers.

Advertise Your McLaren 720 Effectively

When selling a luxury car like the McLaren 720, effective advertising can make all the difference in attracting potential buyers. Here are some tips for advertising your McLaren 720 effectively:

Take Great Photos

When creating your listing for your McLaren 720, make sure to take high-quality photos that showcase its best features. This can include the car’s sleek lines, the luxurious interior, and any special features like carbon fiber spoiler or racing seats. These photos will help the car stand out and attract potential buyers.

Highlight The Car’s Features And Specifications

It’s important to highlight its unique features and specifications. This will help potential buyers understand the value of the car and why it’s worth the investment. Make sure to list the car’s exact year, mileage, and engine type, as well as other features like heated seats or a sport suspension package.

Write A Compelling Description

When the description for your listing, make sure to capture the essence of the car. Describe why it’s a great investment and highlight its unique features. Use descriptive language to give potential buyers an idea of what they can expect from this luxurious vehicle. Your car’s description should be concise, informative, and compelling. It should include key information such as the car’s mileage, year, model, and any additional features or modifications.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your McLaren 720. Utilize popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to post pictures of the car and engage potential buyers with its features. You can also use Twitter to connect with other luxury car enthusiasts and dealers who may be interested in purchasing your vehicle.

Attend Car Shows And Events

Consider attending car shows and events to showcase your McLaren 720 and connect with potential buyers. It can be a great opportunity to network with other car enthusiasts and promote your car to a wider audience. You and a local dealership can also find out about upcoming events in advance and take the time to prepare your car for sale.

Set A Reasonable Price 

When setting a price for your McLaren 720, it’s important to consider its condition and features. You should also consider current market trends and the demand for luxury cars like yours. It’s best to set a price that is competitive with other similar models on the market. Be sure to thoroughly understand the luxury car market and what buyers are willing to pay for comparable vehicles before settling on a final number.

Be Prepared For Test Drives And Questions 

When meeting potential buyers, be prepared to answer questions and allow them to take a test drive of the car. This is an essential step in the sales stressful process and will help you make a successful sale. Be sure to clearly explain the car’s features and its history, as well as any modifications or upgrades that have been made to it.

Be Flexible

Be flexible with potential buyers when negotiating a part deal and final price for your McLaren 720. While it’s important to have a strong understanding of the car’s value, it’s also important to understand that buyers may be willing to pay slightly more for certain features or modifications. Be open to reasonable offers and negotiation in order to make sure you get the best price for your luxury car.

Exotic Auto – A Luxury Car Dealer

If you’re looking to sell your McLaren 720 and get top dollar for it, contact Exotic Auto. We specialize in buying and selling exotic cars and can help you as the perfect private buyer for your car. We have years of experience helping our customers with their exotic car purchases and sales, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and get the most out of your luxury car sale!


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